Water is our future
"At Eco Aqua, our team of professionals strives to provide pure, healthy water, at the lowest possible cost, to all communities - from grassroots level upwards - combining a wide variety of eco-friendly technologies without the use of harmful chemicals."

The innovative water treatment company

One of our most precious gifts in life is being able to breathe unpolluted air and to drink pure, life giving water drawn from a pristine environment.

But how many of 7 Billion inhabitants on Planet Earth can claim that?

The well-being of countless millions of humans is seriously compromised by contaminated environments, while numerous species of fauna and flora join the extinction list every week. Fortunately, human ingenuity is on our side, as is clearly demonstrated by the exciting range of products developed by Eco Aqua Tech.

Simply put, you can draw water from virtually any source and within seconds enjoy pure, clean water of the highest quality that is absolutely safe to drink.

Developed at our engineering works in the Strand, South Africa, our water filtration and water treatment products are attracting widespread interest and clearly have a bright future on the global market.